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An insight into the role of a School Counsellor and what it's really like living in Kuwait.

What does your role as School Counsellor consist of?

My role as a school counsellor consists of implementing the Guidance Curriculum and its domains, Individual Planning, Responsive Services as well as system support. I also administer admission testing for our campus, serve on the Child Study Team and serve as Junior Student Council Advisor. Sometimes, I have an arrival or departure duty.

Would do you love most about your job?

Interacting with the children I serve (whether it is through classroom guidance lessons, one-on-one, small or large group counseling), building rapport and healthy relationships with them and their families as well as having a strong Counseling team and knowing you have that students who value what you do and look up to you are things I love most about my job.

What made you decide to relocate to Kuwait?

I was ready for a change of scenery but knew I wanted to stay in Education. Besides always wanting to live abroad and work, Kuwait at that time was just what I needed.

What is it like in Kuwait?

Kuwait is full of information regarding the culture, their historical landmarks, and things to do like shopping, going to the movies, bowling, going to the beach, joining fitness clubs and meeting new people. The weather here is generally hot, especially in May through September. It does not get that cold in my opinion in the Fall or Winter months. You can walk around with a light jacket for the most part. I was told typically it does not rain here, however, I have experienced some rain and flooding to the point where it impacted me going to work. The sandstorms are awful. The air quality here isn’t the greatest, especially if you have respiratory conditions.

What your favourite thing about working in Kuwait?

I can get off work if not at “scheduled” time, I am getting off at a reasonable time. I am also able to travel on the weekend or holidays to various places. These are my favorite things about working in Kuwait.

Would you recommend Kuwait as a place to work for your friends?

I would recommend Kuwait as a place to work for my friends.

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