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How to settle into your new International School?

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Teaching in a different country can be a daunting process, Mac Recruit have some tips to help you settle into your new school. It is important to make new friends in the first few weeks, everyone is in the same situation. So, make time to socialise with teachers at the school, as this may lead to a long-lasting friendship outside work and great support network. We suggest saying ‘yes’ to social events, this will allow you to get to know your colleagues and settle in much quicker. You could invite your family or partner to come along, as this is a great way for everyone to socialise and find out more about you, extending your social circle beyond work – building relationships with individuals based on similar interests.

International School in Qatar city of Doha

Most international schools will provide an induction session to assist new teachers with the new career journey and help you settle into the new school. During the settling in process, it is important to be hands on. This could involve asking your school to pair you with a teacher/mentor that has been through this process recently. They will be able to provide you with information, guidance and any other questions they may have. This is a good idea as the teacher may have been in this position recently and can relate to any questions or concerns you may have.

Our candidates often refer to the importance of socialising with the locals, so we encourage you to integrate with the locals. This will help you to communicate and build relationships in your new neighbourhood, as well as learning of their culture, language skills and learn of all the local attractions. To meet locals, join clubs or events, try and learn the local language. This illustrates your trying to fit in the new community and introduce yourself when visiting the local attractions.

In the first few weeks, it is vital to sort out the essentials of your personal information. It might be tempting to explore the sights, but you’ll have lots of time to visit the sights. You must stay focused and dedicate your first week to arrange your time wisely, by organising travel to and from school, set up phone numbers, internet connections and setting up new bank accounts. Organising this personal information, will make settling into your new school and community much easier.

Sporting academy for youth, located in the center of Aspire Zone in Doha Sports City.

The values and culture of your new country may differ from those in your home country – which you may be unaware of. It is important to research and respect your chosen country culture, as it your choice to relocate to this country. The most important advice is to embrace this change as much as possible and enjoy your new career journey. The move may not be easy, so remain optimistic and appreciate your new experience overseas.

Our role does not stop at recruiting, at Mac Recruit Group we will support you with your move overseas by providing you with reliable employment overseas, supporting you through the visa process, as well providing you with an extensive aftercare support to ensure you are settling in well.

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