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International Primary Education

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Primary Education is crucial for several reasons, most importantly education ensures that children develop the essential literacy skills required to enhance their abilities and learning. Primary Education is a basic requirement of every child on an international basis – but at a cost to the parents. Primary Education aims to bring social skills, provide opportunities and build self-confidence. International primary teaching is a passion to help children succeed and help shape their future. Therefore, teaching is a vocation that is only successful if you have love for children and want the best for the children, despite the challenges you may face on your international journey.

Little kids in kindergarten playing

Regardless of the stress and perceptions as a teacher - you can make learning fun. There are always new activities and ways of teaching, so not one day is the same. You could incorporate interactive learning, to make maths and english lessons fun, while still providing effective teaching strategies.

As a teacher the holidays are always an enticing aspect. With regards to international teaching, there is generally a six-week holiday period. This break will allow you to go back home and spend time with family/friends or take some well-earned time of to relax to enjoy what your new destinations has to offer.

As an international primary teacher, you will also learn from others and build your own way of teaching. Children may also ask you specific question of your culture and country – allowing you to dig deeper and provide additional education on what its like to live in the UK.

If you feel that you have a passion for international Primary Education or perhaps, you’re just interested in what we have to offer. Get in touch with Mac Recruit Group at and we can help you start your new career journey.

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