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Mac Recruit Group speaks to one of our Candidates in Saudi Arabia

Relocating to the Middle East will certainly be a culture shock for most people. But , the main thing is that you have some understanding of their culture. But a move to Saudi Arabia may be more challenging for a woman due to the variance in culture. As a result, Mac Recruit Group have reached out to one of our female candidates we have placed in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia isn’t necessarily the first place that comes to mind when you think about teaching overseas. But it’s becoming an increasingly popular destination for teachers because of the distinctive and interesting opportunities the city has to offer, and the excellent opportunities within its international schools.

Our client speaks fondly of the opportunities to travel to the cities close by such as; Kuwait, Bahrain, Jordan, Oman – which they have visited. “Oman is a beautiful destination to relocate with its historical architecture, vast deserts, shopping, beaches, tourist attractions and is a great way to experience a new culture. Baku is another great city to visit as they offer cheap flights from here now. Saudi Arabia also offer flights to Vienna too – allowing more opportunities for inexpensive ways to travel. I would never have visited any of these places if I wasn’t working here”.

Riyadh skyline at night, Capital of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has lots of activities and events on offer. Recently, it was the Riyadh Season with many great events - outdoor parks, Wizard of Oz from Broadway, a big wheel and stalls; a Cirque de Soleil and there is also the Janadriyah Cultural Festival each year – which is fascinating.

“The annual Camel Festival is another great place to visit in the capital of Riyadh - Camel owners and visitors from Arabian Gulf countries and around the globe, gather to the eventful festival site and is considered a highly popular fixture on the Kingdom’s events calendar. The festival will put a focus on Saudi Arabia’s cultural heritage, as camels are considered an important part in Arab life”.

“Life here is moving forward very quickly in Saudi Arabia - this week there was an announcement that entrances to restaurants will no longer be segregated males and families. We will all be together! Along with women driving, the dissolution of the matawah (religious police) and relaxation of guardianship laws; it's all getting easier”.

“Westerners are no longer required to wear a headscarf. We do still have to wear an abaya but many women are wearing colourful ones, to express themselves and represent their personality. I always wear my abaya open and often go into buildings from my car without it - it’s a personal choice”.

Riyadh at night

“The summer is extremely hot - I worked in 43 degrees in my office as the Air Conditioning couldn't cope in Al Akhbar. But on a positive note, it's not a humid heat like Oman, UAE or further north. It's a very dry heat here in Riyadh so it never feels so bad and it's wonderful when you get some time off at the weekend to enjoy it".

“Saudi Arabia has a very calm and relaxed atmosphere – where the locals seem to live in the moment. The people of Saudi are very laid back and never in a rush - the Saudi women seem to 'glide' along very gracefully. It’s a nice place to live away from all the hustle and bustle with lots of beautiful scenery to admire”.

As you can see from this blog, Saudi Arabia has lots to offer. If you're looking to relocate, please send your CV to for all energy role and for all education roles.

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