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Mac Recruit Groups’ visit to Stavanger

After Mac Recruit Groups visit to Stavanger, we thought we would share our experience and include some interesting facts. Stavanger is well-known for its oil industry since 1969 and has also earned the name “Oil Capital of Norway”. Mac Recruit Group specialise within the Energy industry, so we thought it made sense to visit the Oil capital of Norway – to meet with our clients.


The Sea View of Stavanger, Norway

If you’re moving to Stavanger from the UK, the weather is similar. However, if you’re moving to Stavanger from a warmer climate the weather might come as a shock to the system, to begin with.

If you’re visiting Stavanger in the winter be prepared with winter clothing, as it gets very cold at this time of the year. However, in the Summer the weather is lovely, with average temperatures hitting 19-20 degrees. While Stavanger can be cold, peak low temperatures rarely fall below -1 degrees. Travelling around Stavanger

Travelling around Stavanger is straightforward, there are several modes of transport to travel around Stavanger - bus services, trains and taxis available. Stavanger local bus service is a great way to travel around the city – named “Kolumbus”. Stavanger (sola), is only 15 minutes from the city centre by car. Taxis are also readily available; however, they are more expensive than in the UK.

Working in Stavanger

For non-EU travellers to work in Norway, you need a valid residence permit. Whereas, EU nationals are entitled to work, study, and live in Norway. However, finding work in Norway can be extremely difficult.

With such a highly educated and skilled population, it’s difficult to distinguish yourself from others who are applying for the position. Norwegian organisations tend to “hire for life” since it is deemed unreasonable to fire someone here, except for extreme circumstances. So, Norwegian companies want their employees to stick around to make a positive return from training you.


Streets of Stavanger

Norwegian cuisine may not be the country's strong point, but those who visit Norway are often amazed by the choice of foods available. In addition to delicious local specialities and plentiful fresh seafood, there is an assortment of international restaurants dotted around. Norway's regional cuisine is also distinctive, thanks to the country's lengthy winters, short summers.


Coffee is a popular consumer drink in Norway and is considered a way of socialising. Coffee and cake are a popular invite in Norwegian culture. A Norwegian tradition is to drink kokekaffe, coffee made by boiling water and steeping the coffee for a few minutes. It’s lighter than many other countries are accustomed to, so Norwegians can drink up to 4 or 5 cups a day.

Norway has rigorous laws concerning the sale of alcohol. Beer and wine may be served in hotels and restaurants 7 days a week, but hard liquor can be sold only between 3 and 11:45 pm - and never on Sunday.

Petroleum Museum

Thing to Do

The Norwegian Petroleum Museum is a must-visit. It demonstrates how oil and gas are created, discovered and produced, and what they are used for. The museum also provides information about technological advances and the way petroleum influences Norwegian society.

The Pulpit Rock hike is one of the most popular destinations in Stavanger. So if you fit enough for a 4-hour hike, give pulpit rock a try it – it will be an unforgettable experience.

Mac Recruit Group visit to Stavanger was a great experience, with lots of great places to visit. But learning of the wealthy offshore oil industry is a must-visit.

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