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Relocating to Oman

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Life in Oman is full of historic architecture and many places to explore. If you’re looking to relocate and teach overseas, Oman could be the place for you, with more than 40% of the population considered expats. If you've never visited the Middle East, it's tough to know what to expect, so we've summarised a few important points for you to consider before you make the move.

There’s lots to do in Oman

There are plenty of things to do in Oman, with various sporting events and racing is huge; where you can watch racing events ranging from camels to horses. Football is also very popular in Oman; FIFA qualifiers are often held in Oman – which is good news for you football fans.

Oman has many gorgeous picturesque sites, so if you’re an outdoor person, Oman is your idea of Paradise. With the beautiful beaches, a weekend can range from relaxing and enjoying the sun, from fun activities at the beach or visiting the desert. If shopping is your idea of fun, visiting the Muttrah Souk is a must see, with everything from food, clothing, scents and home furnishing - all at a bargain price.

The main benefit of living in Oman is the accessibility to travel, very cheaply with an hour flight to Abu Dhabi and Dubai. This makes it a lot easier to experience Arabic lifestyle as well as travelling on your time off or at the weekend.

What’s the cost of living in Oman?

In Oman, the cost of living depends on your lifestyle, but it’s easy to save your money whilst living in Oman, as it one of the cheapest areas in the Middle East – more reasonable than Qatar and Dubai. The closer you are to the Capital of Muscat; accommodation will increase whereas food and drink is consistent throughout the country. European expats will find the cost of groceries in Oman a lot cheaper than back home. if you’re willing to consume local products you will save even more money.

Cityscape view of Muscat city at golden sunset - the capital of Oman.

What’s the nightlife like in Oman?

The entertainment in Oman won’t be the same as it is in western countries, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have a good time. Eating out is very reasonable especially if you enjoy Indian food. If you want an alcohol-based drink, your only option will be Western-style hotels as this is where most bars and pubs are located. Consequently, the cost of alcohol can be expensive.

Here are some highlights about Oman:

· Tax-free Salary.

· Considered one of the safest countries in Middle East.

· Friday & Saturday are considered the weekend in Oman.

· Hand gestures are considered rude – so be respectful.

Oman Coast Landscape

The Dress code in Oman:

Women and men are expected respect local culture and dress conservatively. Beach clothing is only permitted at the beach. Long-sleeved tops are recommended. Trousers, pants, and jeans are most appropriate.

Commuting in Oman:

Commuting in Oman is straightforward, taxi and buses are the only source of transportation which are inexpensive. But if transport isn’t your thing you can lease or hire a car and is much cheaper than in Europe. As a result, few people use public transportation to travel around the city.

Mac Education are supporting a beautiful School in Oman to find the best teaching talent for 2020. Their commitment to finding the best teachers brings them to Glasgow on the 3rd February at the Holiday Inn, Glasgow Airport. The Mac Education team will also be attending, answering any questions and providing additional support about relocation. If you are in Education in Early Years, Primary School or Secondary School and would like to find out more and be interviewed on the day for a life changing opportunity – please get in touch with us to book your space! You can call 0141 2222300 or email

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