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The Benefits of Teaching in China

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Teaching internationally can be a challenging and daunting process. Many teachers believe the classroom will be difficult to control and a language barrier will make teaching difficult, however, this is far from the truth. You may be assigned a teaching assistant to help. Some teaching assistants will go the extra mile – by translating what the teacher is saying for further understanding, as well as providing individual help to students.

Relocating to China isn’t as overwhelming as it may seem, as there are so many benefits of teaching in China. Teaching in China offers a wonderful lifestyle, with paid holidays, the work-life-balance is great, and there are always new places that you can visit during your time off. English teachers are in high demand and the visa process is quite simple. You don’t need a teaching qualification to teach in China, you only need a bachelor’s degree. With Mac Recruit Group a position at a trusted, organised and well-structured school is guaranteed.

Teacher Helping a Pupil Studying At Desks In Classroom

China is a very affordable destination to live

China is a very affordable place to live - in comparison to most western countries. Visiting different parts of the country is made very easy and affordable, with cheap flights and accessible train lines – linking the whole of China. Most cities’ public transport is 10 pence for a bus ride or 20 pence on the metro. Eating out in restaurants is very affordable, where you can eat out for as little as £1. Teacher’s also receive a generous salary - particularly based on cost of living.

You can make a difference to young children!

Teaching is an opportunity to share your knowledge and skills with young children, allowing the children to demonstrate what they have acquired from you. The conventional Chinese education system uses a ‘rote’ learning method – where you must listen to the teacher and write it down until you remember it. However, teachers may have some independence to employ their own methods of teaching – to develop their English and bring fresh new teaching methods into the school.

The food!

Chinese food is an attraction not to be overlooked. One of the main benefits of visiting China is the different food they have to offer. From spicy foods to sweet Cantonese food – China have an array of food try, to suit everyone’s taste. From traditional meats to the unusual and exotic food offered on small street markets stalls - including scorpion, tarantula and stinky tofu, Chinese food markets is an area you must visit.

Shanghai at night, China

You’ll make new friends

China has over 160 cities with huge population of 1 million, with an increasing number of people in these are ex-pats. You can join ex-pat communities by communicating with fellow teachers at your school, and quickly make friends. After returning to your home country, many teachers remain in contact with each other and is a great way to build on-lasting relationships.

There’s a huge demand for English Teachers

There is a huge demand for English Teachers in China – with over 300 million English languages students. In China, it is vital to learn the world’s number 1 business language from a young age. Learning the business language will open an array of opportunities for everyone in China. The main benefit of teaching in China is that you can decide the age group and the location before agreeing to the position – in order to find a suitable role for you.

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