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The Importance of International Early Years Teacher

The desirability for international teaching is rising - with numerous attractive destinations available, you need to focus on your search for teaching abroad. It is important to understand the impact your teaching skills will have on these children. This blog aims to identify the importance of Early Years teaching, from an international perspective.

International teaching in Early Years plays a vital role in young children’s development and sets a foundation for their future education. As an Early Year’s teacher, the role involves developing children from birth up to the age of five, providing them with the foundation to learn and advance their skills – in a safe and nurturing environment. After training in early years, you’ll discover how to utilise your expertise and skills to provide a high standard of education.

Research suggests that the brain develops between birth and the age of three. Hence, early childhood education is considered a great level of significance for many parents. With regards to children development, early education can’t be overlooked. Well-proven research emphasises the significance of early childhood education as the basis for children’s future success.

Currently, there is a high demand for English speaking early years teachers to relocate internationally. Countries with a high demand include Qatar, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, China and Japan. Relocating as an Early Year’s teacher, will allow you to create a long-lasting impact on young children’s life - by developing their capabilities and introducing them to new concepts, ideas and ways of communicating with others, learn new languages and culture.

There are several benefits of teaching Early Years internationally, it will allow those children to learn from a native English teacher and learn a second language from a young age. This is a major benefit to those children as they are more likely to speak fluent English, since they have learned this language from a young child. Children can also benefit from learning about cultural differences. It is not only the children that benefit from this, teacher can also benefit from teaching internationally. Deciding to teach Early Years internationally, allows you as a teacher to grow and develop your existing social skills and knowledge – enhancing your leadership skills.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in early childhood education, the first step is to earn a bachelor’s degree. We have several clients who will also consider college certifications in a related subject. Mac Recruit are now recruiting for August 2020, if you’re considering an international career in Early Years teaching - please contact as

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