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The Importance of Special Needs Teachers

Mac Recruit Group currently has various specialist education roles, based in Qatar so we thought it would be a great opportunity to write a blog post about the importance of special needs teachers. Working with special needs students can be challenging but very rewarding - there’s paperwork, varying workloads and, some would say, an under-appreciation from others for the difficult work they do.

Working with special needs students can be stressful

Students with special needs often require additional help and support than students without special needs to ensure they’re learning well. Stress is inevitable with most teaching jobs but especially so when teaching special education students — no matter how talented you are. It’s important for special education teachers to ensure there’s enough attention for each student in their class, whilst remaining calm to keep things under control. Children with special needs may communicate in a non-verbal manner, so it is important for teachers to remain calm and make the child like they are in a safe environment.

You’ll have various roles

A special education teacher is more than a classroom teacher; he/she helps with children's development that will make that child successful in life, not just in school. Therefore, there are lots of unofficial responsibilities that come with the job - not only are you a teacher, but you’ll become that child’s support.

Communicating with the parents of children with special needs is a huge part of the job as parents, have no specialised training and may rely on your expertise. So, it is important to build a relationship with not only the students but the parents. By letting them know how their child is managing with the workload in the classroom.

Happy kid sitting on his father's lap next to his mother during a meeting with school teacher

Life as a special education teacher can be demanding, but they are compensated at a higher rate than other teachers. With our special need’s roles based in UAE, you will be expected to earn up to £3,300 per month (tax-free) with accommodation provided, along with many more benefits. The hardest part of being a special education teacher is handling all the individual students and their capabilities. The emotional component of learning for a student with special needs is so important to address. It takes a lot of patience to explain a new subject/topic to a child, regardless of their additional needs - so patience is key to this role.

The rewarding aspect of this job doesn’t only come from your students but also from their parents, who respect the hard work and effort you put into their children's development. They too have felt overwhelmed and understand how hard progress can be. Because of this, you will receive sincere admiration and appreciation form those parents.

Here’s the good news — if you have the right attitude and are willing to put in the work, you are well on your way to working in this demanding but gratifying career.

If working with children with special needs appeals to you, Mac Recruit Group currently has numerous special education roles available, based in the Middle East. If you’re interested in any of the roles, please send over your CV to where our education consultants will review your suitability to these roles.

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