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The Industry of Oil and Gas

Mac Recruit Group are an international recruitment company - specialising in Energy. We have over 50 years’ experience in recruitment and providing our clients with access to the best talent, based on the suitability of the role. The offshore oil and gas industry impact our lives in several ways, providing energy to provide heat and supply fuel for transportation. Not only this, but the industry employs thousands of people and is a major contributor to the economy.

The recovery of the oil and gas sector has been slow for several years but is now starting to recover, yet a level of uncertainty still exists. The oil and gas sector is an international powerhouse connecting numerous workforces around the world and is a multi-billion pound industry.

The sector is considered a vital sector globally and contribute a significant amount to the national GDP and there are now signs of recovery. The desire for oil and gas is growing internationally, countries continue to improve their infrastructure. 2019 is a new start for a lot of clients – on the back of the worst oil slump in history.

In 2019, the employment for offshore contactors remains strong and is continuing to grow, based on production and influencing midstream businesses. The price of oil and gas is now stabilising and has around creating up to 100,000 jobs in oil and gas in 2019 and the amount of active drilling rigs is increasing each year. Forbes have reported that investments for the oil and gas industry, is set to increase this year.

However, with this increase, competition in the energy industry continues to rise. There is a pressure for oil and gas companies to implement an effective hiring plan overseas, which affects this whole organisation, staff and recruitment. However, 2019 is looking promising a year for the energy industry capitalising upon the recent stability of the industry and meeting new demands. Despite the industries growth, the international landscape is proving difficult. It is important for an organisation to source the best energy employees – to reduce their business exposure to risk.

We have over 50 years’ experience specialising in energy, focusing on building relationship with our clients. Our recruitment professionals are experts in the oil and gas industry, ensuring suitable employees for our clients. We aim to place our candidates, with a suitable position based on their certifications, experience and desired job title. At Mac Recruit Group, we will support you with your move overseas by providing you with reliable employment overseas, supporting you through the on boarding and visa process, as well as sufficient aftercare support to ensure you are settling into your new career journey.

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