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Things to keep you occupied indoors!

COVID-19 is a National Emergency, in many countries around the world we are on lockdown. The UK government has introduced stricter measures around coronavirus social distancing. The police now have the power to issue fines to anyone leaving their house without a good reason. This means that more people are stuck indoors, separated from their friends and family that they don’t live with. But there are lots of things you can still be doing to keep yourself busy and have some fun.

Stay active indoors

During this time, it is important to remain active. There are so many great online home workouts online which you can access through YouTube or Instagram. Joe Wicks YouTube channel is great, he has something for everyone. From Monday to Friday at there is a live virtual PE class on YouTube which for 30 minutes – such a good idea to keep your kids active.

Exercise outdoors (2metres apart from others)

Getting some fresh air will do the world of good, whether you go for a long walk, a run or do some gardening. There are lots of great apps out there to help track how long you’ve walked/ran and the distance. The Nike Run Club is a great one if you want to start running and its completely free! Find something you love and stick to it, you will feel so much better for it after both physically and mentally!

Video calls with family and friends

Connecting with other people is key to maintaining your wellbeing and mental health during self-isolation. You can plan with friends and families to have regular calls with friends and family over Skype or on the phone. There are lots of different video calling apps out there such as zoom, skype, and Facetime and it can often feel like you’re with them.

If you can, work from home

The Government has advised if you can work from home. This a great way to stay in a routine and keep busy by focusing on work.

Make a Scrapbook

During self-isolation, you have more time to get around to things you’ve been meaning to do. Making a scrapbook is a great idea, you can order all your favourite photo’s on Free prints online and stick them in a book to keep them all together!

Redecorate the house

If you have some paint left in the cupboard, now is the time to give your house a freshen up. You can also do some DIY that you’ve been putting off. Or even just declutter the house and you will feel so much better for it and feel you have had a productive day rather than watching movies all day.

Make use of online streaming

With all this free time, you can make use of your Netflix account and fire through all your favourite movies and series. If you are in the UK, Disney+ has recently been released, which is an excellent idea if you have kids and a perfect way to wind down at night.

Play games

A games night is the best way to keep entertained and a great way to keep your kids busy. If you can, get loads of snacks and create a cosy setting for you and your family – this is a perfect way to spend time together and relax.

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