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Top 5 Destinations to Teach

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Every year teachers decide to relocate internationally, this is a great experience to advance their career, create a better quality of life and learn from a new culture. Our candidates have shared their life-changing experience of making friends and adapting to new cultures. At Mac Recruit Group we strive to ensure we place our candidates with suitable role abroad, to guarantee a safe and enjoyable experience teaching overseas.

Saudi Arabia

Teaching in Saudi Arabia gives you the opportunity to learn more about the Islamic culture – whilst teaching overseas. You could teach in a large city or a small remote town, which you can learn of the cultural differences. Schools in Saudi Arabia offer a tax-free salary and benefits package. Depending on experience and qualifications, teacher living in Saudi can earn up to £35,000 tax-free earnings each month – with senior manager earning up to £120k. On top of a generous salary there is a benefits package which will include flights, accommodation/allowance, bonus and health insurance. As a result of the excellent benefits package and tax-free salary – teacher can accrue a large amount of savings on their monthly earnings. If you are interested in learning of a new culture, then Saudi Arabia may be a destination to consider.

Riyadh at night


Qatar is continuing to grow, with many expats relocating to this land of “new money,” – with tax free salaries and all year-round sunshine. Working in Qatar is an unmissable opportunity to educate abroad, whilst travelling and learning of a new culture. Educating in Qatar allows teachers to develop their existing skills from working with the best private schools. Qatar is a beautiful destination to relocate with abundance of bars, restaurants, beaches, shopping malls and entertainment. Hence, the futuristic destination is considered a very attractive destination for teaching.


Dubai is an attractive destination to teach overseas, with its shopping malls, skyscrapers, advanced technology and passionate students – described as a teacher paradise. The enthusiastic students are eager to learn – not only of their subject but from other cultures. With its year-round sunshine, beaches, deserts, futuristic buildings and facilities what’s not to love. Teaching in Dubai pays very well with its tax-free salary, as a teacher you can expect to earn the same as those in Saudi Arabia so up to £35,000. However, it is important to understand the standard of living in Dubai is much higher than both Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Dubai downtown night scene with city lights, luxury new high tech town in Middle East

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is growing in popularity for UK teachers, due to its work-life balance, high standards of behaviour and tax-free salary and generous packages - enticing many of our candidates to teach in Abu Dhabi. A leading school in Abu Dhabi will pay up to £4,000 per month, flights, plus free accommodation, and private healthcare. Abu Dhabi also follow the Islamic week – working from Sunday to Thursday. Abu Dhabi offers direct flight Thailand, Indonesia and India for those that love to explore and travel on their time off.


Oman is one of the fastest emerging countries in the Middle East, teaching in Oman is a fantastic way to experience a new culture whilst earning a competitive, tax-free salary. Teaching jobs in Oman will also include a tax-free salary with possibility of furnished accommodations or accommodations at a reduced cost- which can be a great way to save money. It is bordered by UAE, so lots of opportunity to travel – very cheaply. Oman is a beautiful destination to relocate with its historical architecture, vast deserts, shopping, beaches and tourist attractions.

Here at Mac Recruit Group we have over 50 years’ experience in Education & Training jobs. Our objective is to place our candidates in the best location, with the correct role with a reputable employer.

Would this land of opportunity encourage you to relocate your family and begin a new life? If you’re interested in teaching internationally, please send your CV to

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