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What's it like working offshore?

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Have you landed your first role offshore? Or are you just curious about what it’s like working offshore? Working in the oil and gas industry consists of being based in isolated surroundings – particularly in developing countries. But there are benefits to working offshore, e.g the generous salary is major benefit. Little things such as preparing meals is one thing taken off your workload, as there is a team of kitchen staff who prepare food for all member working offshore.

There are various contracts working offshore, but most employees will work on a rotational basis – meaning they will spend a period on shift in the host country (3-4 weeks) and then same time is spent at home. However, many find this is a difficult job to be a part of as this an unaccompanied position – so you will have to leave your family for up to four weeks.

Emergency Response Training

Emergency Response Training is vital whilst working offshore and is considered the best possible method of ensuring the correct psychomotor responses to a life-threatening emergency. This training aims to help you overcome any problems that may be experienced during a traumatic but survival incident. Working on the oil rigs is a hazardous job, but all the members of staff do enjoy a laugh – whist getting to know each other. We recently found an older energy handbook, that suggest those working offshore don’t take their job too seriously and enjoy a laugh with one another – after work.

Oil and Gas Platform in Middle of Sea

Tight Community

Offshore roles are made up of tight community where your expected to share your room with others, private rooms may be available on some rigs. Most rooms have their own TV, washbasin, but toilets are shower areas are shared by those in each cabin. This will allow you to get to know your colleagues as you are spending most of your time with them.

Contacting friends and family

Before the days before WIFI, it was difficult to stay in contact with friends and family. In the digital age - it is much easier to stay in contact with loved ones back home. Mobile signal far offshore can be unreliable. But internet connection is making communicating more accessible, with the use of Skype etc to communicate with those back home - guaranteeing contact with loved one for special occasions.

Jack Up Rig in Middle of Sea at Sunset

It’s Entertaining

Life working offshore rigs is always entertaining with numerous facilities on-board to keep staff entertained when they’re off shift. With cinema rooms, Tv’s, video games and games rooms. With access to Wi-Fi you can catch up on your shows and get to know your fellow colleagues. So, working offshore is more entertaining than ever. Many people who work offshore make friends for life.

Great salary and packages

Offshore roles are paid a generous salary but can vary dependant on your experience and position. Salaries can vary from £40-200k depending on the location and the position.

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