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Where in the World Should I Teach?

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

The attractiveness of teaching internationally is growing. With numerous attractive destinations available, you need to focus on your search for teaching abroad. It is important to identify what you are looking to achieve from international teaching and the personal goals you are looking to achieve from a specific destination.

Firstly, it is vital to identify your lifestyle and what you are looking for in a destination. What type of location are you looking for? Would you like to be in a central location next to shops, bars and restaurants? Would you prefer to be in a quiet rural area close to nature or beaches? You must understand what you are looking to achieve from relocating and think about locations that would suit your priorities.

Night cityscape of Dubai with modern futuristic architecture , United Arab Emirates

Think about the Weather

The weather has an influence on where relocate, what climate would suit your lifestyle? Are you looking to relocate to colder climate such as Russia? or somewhere warm and sunny all year round – like the Middle East. With year-round sunshine and temperatures reaching the highs of 120 degrees, it is considered one of the hottest regions in the Middle East and has very little rainfall.


Tax free incomes are available in the Middle East but you should find out about the cost of living and rent. If you are planning on travelling on your weekends and days off, you ought to consider working at a school that pays well or cost travel is low - to make the most of your time. If you are considering travelling frequently, you may want to look at a central location next to transportation and motorways – to make travelling easier.


Once you begin narrowing down your search, you should consider what you want to gain from a school. It’s essential to identify international schools that match your values and priorities. Understand the differences from your current or previous schools. The students may learn differently or have different curriculum - so you must understand these differences before relocating and identify how you with adapt to these changes.

Doha skyline at night, Qatar, Middle East

Cultural difference

Adapting to cultural differences when deciding to relocate can be tough. So, you must identify the cultural differences between your home and host country you’re looking to relocate to by doing your research on the traditions and customs in each country. Understanding the cultural differences and respecting their values is vital – so you must abide by their guidelines.

Restrictions in Social Media

You should research if there are any social media restriction or limitations in the destinations you are looking to relocate to. For instance, Qatar have some limitations to particular social channels such as telecommunication apps e.g Skype are blocked. China have several social media restrictions; which you should be aware of, as this may hinder your communication with family and friends. Twitter, Whatsapp and Facebook messenger are blocked in China, but they have replacement apps in place.

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