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Why Relocate to Qatar?

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Are you thinking of pursuing a teaching career in the Middle East? After our recent visit to Qatar it isn’t hard to understand why so many people decide to pursue their teaching career overseas. In recent years, Qatar has experienced rapid growth and is currently one of wealthiest countries in the world.

The innovative, futuristic capital known as Doha, considered a very attractive destination for opportunities in Education and Training. As a result of the endless Education and Training opportunities in Qatar, English speaking teachers are relocating to Doha, in their hundreds. Not only for life-changing career but relocating for a better quality of life, with numerous luxury shopping malls, tax-free income, vibrant community, deserts, beaches and several reputable schools. Working in Qatar is an unmissable opportunity to educate abroad, while travelling and meeting new people. Before relocating there are somethings you should consider, before you come to a decision.

Tax-Free Income is a Key Motivator

Schools in Qatar offer a tax-free salary, this can be a major contributing factor for individuals looking to relocate to Qatar. On average teachers with 5 years’ experience and a degree in Education working in Doha can expect to earn up to £4000 per month, with accommodation, medical cover, life insurance and transport allowances. Hence, this tax-free salary is a strong incentive for individuals to relocate to Qatar.

English Speaking

English is considered a widely spoken business language – removing the language barriers for Western expats working in the Middle East and doing business with Middle Eastern nationals. Most schools in the Middle East look for experienced certified teachers, both primary and secondary, with the language instruction in class is English. However, learning a second language is a great skill to have and will impress when communicating with the locals.

The Facilities

The innovative facilities in Qatar have lots to offer, acting as a key driver for Teachers decision to relocate to the Middle East. They have created numerous recreational facilities to engage the community and encourage sports and exercising – with sports and fitness classes for both kids and adults. These facilities provide opportunities to succeed, not only in education and provide a sense of community within the School.


With year-round sunshine and temperatures reaching the highs of 120 degrees, it is considered one of the hottest regions in the Middle East and has very little rainfall. This is a very attractive feature for many of our candidates.


The Middle East has a lot to offer in terms of socialising, with numerous bars and restaurants. The weekend is Friday and Saturday in the Middle East, where Teachers will have time to explore the innovative architecture, beaches, fine dining, waterparks and shopping malls that Qatar has to offer.

At Mac Recruit Group we have over 50 years’ experience in Education & Training jobs. Our objective is to place our candidates in the best location, with the correct role with a reputable employer. We aim to ensure our candidates have lots of new experiences, whilst achieving their personal career goals.

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